The Science Behind a Head Massage

The Science Behind a Head Massage

The Science Behind a Head Massage

Getting a massage is one of the most common ways of reducing stress. A massage is a process of kneading soft body tissues while removing knots and tension that you may be experiencing. This is to give relief and sometimes alleviate pain and discomfort from the body.



8 Years of Quality Care

How Day Break Massage and Wellness Has Grown

Day Break Massage and Wellness is the middle ground of quality care and medical massages in Charlotte, NC. We are the best massage therapy center that provides excellent yet affordable therapeutic massages in a comfortable and relaxing environment.


Father's Day Massage Charlotte NC

The Best Gift on Father’s Day

The Best Gift For Daddy

Father’s Day is just around the corner.  For the times that your father stood by you, for the times that your father cheered you on, for the times that your father worked dearly to support you, and for the times that your dad was there to listen and hug you, give him a gift that he would remember and a gift to show he means the world to you.


Healing Power of a Massage

Massage: The Greatest Healing Therapy

A Touch that Heals

A massage is the act of treating the body by tapping, kneading and rubbing the muscles and joints with the hand or any massage instrument to relieve it from muscle stress, tension, stiffness, joint pains and headache. It also promotes blood and oxygen circulation, and muscle suppleness and relaxation.  […]

Breathe and Relax: Welcome the Summer Heat with a Treat

Charlotte Summer Massage

Be Sun-Smart This Summer with a Great Massage

It’s Almost Summertime in Charlotte, NC!

As you welcome the warm season with swimming, biking, hiking, and other summer activities, you are also prone to muscle pains, fatigue, and spasm. To beat the stress and to restore your energy, getting a massage is the answer.